The Institute of Robotics for Dependency has received the financial collaboration of the RMF for the development of its newest solution for the dependency sector, Newton ONE, that empowers entities to automate the gathering of objective and continuous data from the people to whom they provide support services.

The Ramon Molinas Foundation collaborates with the Institute of Robotics for Dependency in order to develop and validate Newton ONE, a cloud service software that enables entities in the dependency sector to obtain objective, continuous and automated data from the people to whom they provide support services. Newton ONE determines the self-perception that final users of these entities have about their quality of life, as well as the perception that their support and care network has. The purpose of the tool is to determine the groupal and individual support needs of their beneficiaries and to act proactively and objectively on those areas that require it.

Newton One, the newest development from the Institute of Robotics for Dependency, automates the monitoring of beneficiaries and enables proactive support with objective and continuous information.

Based on the GENCAT Quality of Life Scale and with the possibility of introducing other assessment scales, Newton ONE issues questions on a continuous and automated basis to the beneficiaries of the entities that use the tool, as well as to the people who make up its group of support. The questionnaires are adapted to the profile of each beneficiary and are answered through smart devices. Once answered, a calculation engine reorders the answers, compares them with previous replicas and presents the results to the reference professional of the entity in question. The tool provides valuable objective information that allows entities to act proactively in the well-being and support needs of the individual and the group. The collaboration between the two entities will allow to validate and implement the tool, which is already being developed, and to run a validation test.

During the last decade, most of the sociodemographic, economic and technological changes that broke out in Western societies during the transition between the 20th and 21st centuries have been consolidated. Some of the most outstanding challenges of social reality are the aging process of the population, the promotion of the autonomy of people with dependency and the use of technological innovation to face the above considerations. Newton ONE promotes transformative and innovative governance of dependency sector entities.

If you want to know more about the Newton One project, do not hesitate to contact us.