Availability of information under equal conditions

The objective of this website is to comply with the accessibility requirements established by the “Initiative for an Accessible Web (WAI)” of the World Wide Web Consortium and adopted by the EU and in particular the specifications of the recommendations on “Guidelines of Web Content Accessibility”.

The Institute of Robotics for Dependence has the objective of adopting, to the extent that technology makes it possible, those necessary measures so that the information available on this website can be accessible, without visual or technological obstacles, for people with some type of disability disabled and also for the elderly, in accordance with accessibility criteria.


For this reason, we have designed this website taking into account these accessibility criteria and with the commitment to offer its visitors a universal design and accessible content, without visual or technological obstacles and for the greatest possible number of users, bringing thus the communicative action of the Institute of Robotics for Dependency to interested people who consult it through this website.

The main tools that are available to users of the site are always available in the lower right frame of the screen and their functions are to increase the size of the font and change the contrast of the content as shown in the following figures:

Instituto de Robótica para la Dependencia - Accesibilidad
Instituto de Robótica para la Dependencia - Accesibilidad