Improving people’s life through robotics and assistive technology

Who we are

The Institute of Robotics for Dependency (IRD or Instituto de Robótica para la Dependencia in Spanish) is a private foundation, based in Sitges, Barcelona. It is a non-profit organization, registered in the Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte with the number 1,709. The institute was created by the Ave Maria Foundation with the aim to separate care activities from innovation after 30 years of experience, to specialize the Institute to become a point of reference worldwide.

Instituto de Robótica para la Dependencia

I. Mission

The IRD’s mission is to improve the quality of life of dependent persons, their families and the professionals who support them, through the most advanced technology, promoting the production of innovative products that transform the current state-of-the-art, transferring our knowledge, with efficiency, quality, safety and sustainability.

II. Vision

To be an international benchmark in the application of technological innovations in the field of dependency.

III. Values

❯ Transformative desire and social contribution.
❯ Transparency, endeavour, honesty and respect for people.

What we do

The Institute of Robotics for Dependency (Instituto de Robótica para la Dependencia in Spanish) promotes and encourages research and training in robotics and assistive technology for disabled and dependant persons, in order to improve their quality of life, as well as the quality of life of their families and care professionals.

In addition, the IRD facilitates robotics research, with special emphasis on the educational aspect and the transfer of knowledge from and to universities, promoting advanced domotics, software and other innovative adaptations to avoid repetitive work to families and healthcare care professionals.

The Institute of Robotics for Dependency promotes collaboration within institutions to achieve new goals and developments, stimulating interaction and networking between IRD researchers and other national and international institutions.

Instituto de Robótica para la Dependencia

Our history

The innovations track record of the Ave Maria Foundation in the care and healthcare sector, their willingness to make further progress into this direction, specializing, the desire to be more effective and increase the impact, led us to create, in January 2015, the Institute of Robotics for Dependency.

The Ave Maria Foundation is a private non-profit organization recognized by the Generalitat of Catalonia, that offers specialized care to adults with intellectual disabilities since 1987. During these 30 years, the Foundation has carried out many projects in order to provide innovative, low cost practical solutions, which will provide a clear benefit to both people with disabilities, their families and the professionals that support them. Today the IRD inherits these solutions with the challenge of updating and continue working to bring innovation to the dependency sector from within the sector.

❯ A short yet successful path

Created in 2015, in its short journey the IRD has signed partnerships with key players in the disability sector and leader robotics’ and technology companies and has published articles in international scientific journals, has presented papers at various conferences, has led the creation of several European H2020 consortias and has reached agreements with various European universities and research centers, gathering praise for the project among experts and scholars of the social care and technology sectors.

❯ Networking and institutional collaboration

With the aim to exploit the synergies between different entities, to grow the knowledge and to spread the benefits of the developments created and driven by the IRD, it has sought the collaboration and knowledge of those entities with which the amount of effort multiplies the result. So, the IRD has signed agreements with Plena Inclusion, Dincat or Ecom in Spain, the Confederation of Family Organisations in the European Union (COFACE) in Europe, Spanish and worldwide universities, international research centers and robotics & artificial intelligence companies.

The Institute for Robotics for Dependency (IRD) is a member of:

Plena inclusión

Want to know more about the roadmap for our mission?

Want to know more about the roadmap for our mission?