R & D

Keeping an eye on the real needs of the sector

R & D is a fundamental prerequisite to take the path of innovation by which we put in place and apply the acquired knowledge, adding value, with the sole objective of improving the quality of life of people with some type of dependence and those of their families.


The results of the work done by IRD researchers is already showing interesting outcomes and has been published in prestigious, international scientific journals.

The R & D team has taken part in various national and international congresses and conferences in the robotics and healthcare industry.


The Institute of Robotics for Dependency offers to other R&D teams and companies a technology center for testing and development with end users.

❯ MuDERI Dataset

The first multimodal database for Emotion Recognition among Individuals with Intellectual Disability, free open source.

❯ The IRD as a PARTNER in H2020

The Institute of Robotics for Dependency has led the creation of international consortia to participate in EU funded programmes in Horizon 2020.
With the aim to exploit the synergies between different entities, grow in knowledge and bring the benefits of the developments created and driven by the IRD, it has sought the collaboration and knowledge of those entities with which joining forces multiplies the result.

The Institute of Robotics for Dependency has led the creation of international consortia to participate in EU funded programmes in Horizon 2020.

❯ ETHICAL COMMITTEE: Project validation

All tests should be conducted under the strictest criteria of quality, security and safety for the end users, according to the guidelines stipulated by the professionals and with the express consent of families and with the prior approval of the experts from the Ethics Committee. The Ethics Committee validates the projects selected by the Strategic Council to be developed.

❯ STRATEGIC COUNCIL: Selection and prioritization of projects

The IRD has created the figure of a Scientific Committee comprised of key representatives of institutions and families. Its mission is to assess the sector’s needs and decide which developments should be prioritized are and how to address them according to certain variables as cost, ease, impact and others. The projects originate, on the one hand, from the new possibilities that constantly offers us the technology developments and on the other, from the guidelines set by the Strategic Council on specific requests from users, families, professionals and institutions and from collaborations with partners such as universities and companies requesting our participation. New projects are presented to the IRD’s Strategic Council every three months. The projects are aimed at obtaining a final product, useful and convenient to its beneficiary, at a reasonable cost and always complying with legal regulations.


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