Using technology to empower the functionally dependent people, elderly and/or disabled

Innovation must come from real needs of dependent persons, their families and caregiver professionals and organizations. From the IRD side, we want to give a boost to innovation so these stakeholders can take advantage from the solutions that robotics and latest assistive technology developments can offer, assuring this benefits reach dependent people driving their social development.


Our main guidelines and objectives:


Promote and encourage research in the field of robotics applied to dependency at the highest international level and to work with the aim of helping to improve the autonomy and quality of life of the elderly and disabled persons through software support, automation, transportation robots, movements, collaborative programs, social software and other innovative added value adaptations that can facilitate the daily lives of thousands of individuals and families.


Training of healthcare professionals and practitioners with special educational programs through social robots, computer systems to support people, automatisms and others, with the aim of increasing the value of their contributions.

Offer practical workshops for schools and colleges, providing educational, social and research robots, encouraging educational projects with a social application.


Cooperate with other institutions to achieve the development of our activity, stimulating interaction between IRD researchers and those from other national and international institutions.

Subscribe, manage and execute contracts and partnership agreements with universities, research centers, companies, associations and other institutions and agencies nationally and internationally.

Participate directly or in collaboration, in public and private calls and grants promoted by national and international organizations to help achieve the objectives of the not-for-profit Foundation.



Disseminate knowledge, taking part in academic events, seminars, and others, to help spreading the knowledge and raise awareness of robotics, assistive technology and artificial intelligence in the healthcare, elder and disability sectors.

Organize national and international scientific meetings in the field of robotics and build and manage a space in Sitges to facilitate workshops, testing and demonstration with industry professionals, researchers and users.

Disseminate and publish in prestigious media, the scientific work and results of the activities of the IRD.

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