“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin

Educational robotics takes place within the Ave Maria Foundation, developing the educational, psychological, social and health content from a bio-psycho-social approach to the benefit of the users we serve.

To this end, we conduct a study of robots in the practice applied to people with intellectual disabilities and generalized support needs. We cultivate and encourage individual skills improvements of each person using healthcare, education and social robots, as as a working tool for growth. We believe that all people we serve have the potential for growth, being each of them unique and unrepeatable and therefore we approach it from maximum personalization.

IRD - Instituto de Robótica para la Dependencia - Formación
IRD - Instituto de Robótica para la Dependencia

We are in the way of the pursuit of creativity to achieve a higher quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities by taking advantage of technological advances.

Ave Maria Foundation has integrated, since 2012, care and support robots for improving care for people with disabilities, with the goal of improving the care services provided. In countries like Japan, humanoids are already used in support tasks for older people, but the Foundation is a pioneer in its application in the field of disabled people. Beebots, Sphero, Pleo, cubelets or Nao are some of the robots that care staff of the Foundation uses to carry out activities and targeted therapies with users. The benefits of this initiative have exceeded expectations which has prompted the Foundation to provide training on the use of robots in both a therapeutic setting or in primary and secondary schools.


Our training offer:



Intended for professionals in the dependency sector, we will learn how to use low cost social, care and educational robots, as a working tool for growth. We will go through the activities and targeted therapies conducted with users and how they will become a valuable support for direct care staff involved in the use of new developments in social robotics.

Community Service

Aimed for 3rd or 4th year students (ESO), within their curricular framework, they will experience actions of civic engagement, bring into play their knowledge and skills to serve the community while developing social and civic competence, with technological projects in benefit of people with disabilities.

Education Robotics

Aimed at younger students, it is a service learning processes and community service in a single project well articulated in which participants are working on real environment with the aim to improve it. We approach robotics to education with the most recent technology innovations to provide new tools and values to students and teachers.

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