The Institute of Robotics for Dependency, welcomes two doctoral students from the prestigious Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad

Last November 2021, two students from one of the leading technology university IIIT-Allahabad (Indian Institute of Technology), joined the IRD team. They have established their residence in Sitges for one year, in order to collaborate with the Institute’s projects while researching for their doctorate, thanks to the collaboration agreement with the Rovira and Virgili University.

Benigno Moreno Vidales, neuroscientist at the University of Barcelona, and belonging to the Board of Trustees of the Institute of Robotics for Dependence (IRD), directs the research of these two doctoral students, with the aim of achieving two products for the institute, at the same time as the theses of both postgraduate doctorates.

Our institution has provided them with accommodation and a framework that contributes to research that brings them closer to obtaining a doctorate degree. Currently, the students Aditya and Gaurav focus their research on Machine Learning, a data analysis method, with the aim of obtaining an assessment of the quality of life of dependent people, integrated in the Never Alone project.

Side research will focus on the improvement and updating of previous IRD studies, about algorithms for detecting the emotional state of people, through physiological signals such as skin conductivity, heart rate or brain activity. A first objective is the incorporation of emotional recognition to Armoni, a station for the stimulation, evaluation and monitoring of people with intellectual disabilities with customizable activities.

The Institute of Robotics for Dependency has already received doctoral students on the past, a line of work to which it will continue as part of its roadmap for attracting talent, institutional collaboration and knowledge dissemination. Currently, in collaboration with the City Council of Sant Pere de Ribes, new facilities are being adapted in the Can Pau Roig, which include apartments and living spaces for the reception and stay of international talent, being integrated into the structure of the Institute of Robotics for the Dependency.

Our warmest welcome to Aditya and Gaurav.