The amplification of our team with the entry of three new engineers as well as future growth plans have driven us to create a new multidisciplinary workplace.

Our new office is located in Oasis quarter, in the center of Sitges and is annexed to the current facilities of the Institute of Robotics for Dependency. The installation and adaptation process of this new multifunctional space have been carried out with a great success. A 100 sq m bright and vivid space converted into a flexible, multipurpose, and versatile workspace, designed for various purposes.

As a result of the expansion, the IRD has two new large and luminous halls. One of them serves as an office while the other one is a space for meetings, tranings, and videoconferencies with the capacity for more than 30 persons.

The idea was based on ‘open space’ design concept, facilitating both privacy and adaptation for future changes, at the same time creating a comfortable collaborative space. High technologies form the part of interior design concept. The space is provided with a special system to facilitate videoconference process as well as help to share an information during meetings and trainings. A multifunctional furniture allows interaction between users and different activities organized in the same place, leaving behind the outdated concept of an individual office space.

The team is growing up

This is the way the IRD is getting prepared to face its growth with future guarantees. The approvement by the Catalan Government regarding the project “Active and healthy aging. From theory to practice“ last April, presented at the 2nd call for Territorial Specialization and Competitiveness Projects (PECT), will led us to incorporate into our team two new members after the recent incorporation of one new engineer. The IRD has also other projects curently in progress, in collaboration with universities and technological centers abroad, with the aim of attracting international talent to Sitges to developi new R & D solutions for the dependency sector. Current and future growth plans have motivated this expansion of the workspace.