The City Council and the Institute of Dependency Robotics formalize the agreement to host the Never Alone project in the municipality.

The transfer of use of Can Pau Roig will allow the development of new activities and technological solutions to assess and improve the quality of life of dependent people, continuously graduating the degree of support they need.

The agreement for the transfer of use of the municipally owned building Can Pau Roig to the Institute of Robotics for Dependency ( was signed this Wednesday, January 20, 2021 in the Town Hall of Sant Pere de Ribes. The agreement will allow this space to be used to articulate a network of care for dependent and disabled people, with a universal vocation, quality, flexible, effective, sustainable, efficient and focused on the person and their decisions. It will be thanks to the project in which the IRD, the Ave Maria Foundation and other institutions work together, within the framework of the Strategic Plan of the Garraf region and the Plan of the Department of Labor, Social Affairs and Families 2020-2024 from the regional Government.

Investing in home and community care, with support and care technologies, in response to the challenge of the increasing number of dependent people, is a necessity in the face of the evolution of the population pyramid for the coming years. All county institutions and professionals dedicated to the care of people, have come together in the goal of promoting active and healthy aging and ensuring support at home for people with principles of fragility, disability, dependents and other affected groups, ensuring their quality of life, with the contribution of social innovation in present and future projects.

The City Council leases, for a renewable period of 10 years, the property located in the alley of the Torreta, which will be rehabilitated by the council according to its plan of uses, so that it can be dedicated to activities of technological innovation, research and investigation in provision of services in favor of dependent people.

“This is a first seed of what in the future Sant Pere de Ribes will be able to offer not only to its neighbors but in general as a model to be able to work in the best management of everything that dependent people need”, highlighted the mayoress of Sant Pere de Ribes, Abigail Garrido Tinta.

The Institute of Robotics for Dependency will carry out the activities derived from the Never Alone project, as well as its own activities in the field of robotics and innovation, the development of products and services and their distribution, plus and training activities. Can Pau Roig will become a reference space where the care and elderly care sector will be taken care of, with special emphasis on the field of the most advanced new technologies.

“The concern and sensitivity of the city of Sant Pere de Ribes coincides with the ongoing projects of the IRD. We work in the same direction and join forces in the research of technologies and their practical application in the territory and to make them scalable, ”explained Julio Molinario, President of the Institute.

The Never Alone project is a platform designed to guarantee home support for the elderly and dependent people, enabling them to stay at home and guarantee their quality of life. It is a system that ensures a comprehensive, integrated preventive management and proactive intervention with a diversity of responses, capable of caring for people throughout their life cycle.

Never Alone is one of the projects included in the PECT (Specialization Projects and Territorial Competitiveness), as part of the regional strategy of joint work promoted by the Garraf County Council, in agreement with the six municipalities, and the agents of innovation and research in the region. They aim to continue taking cross-cutting initiatives to achieve healthy old age and improve the quality of life of older people, especially dependent people.

The Never Alone project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) from the European Union in the framework of the operational program (OP) ERDF for Catalonia 2014-2020 Specialization and Territorial Competitiveness Projects (PECT) with a grant of 107,250 Euros.