Mobile robotics to transfer hours of transport to the attention of people

The DeliveryBot project aims to obtain an innovative technology-based solution able to allow residences to reduce hours of transportation of materials to transfer them to care activities of people, improving the quality of service and reducing costs.

The solution will include a fleet of mobile robots with a load capacity of up to 100 kg, various transport carts (food, clean clothes, dirty clothes and others) and a fleet management software. The robots will be placed under a cart, will elevate it and will transport it to its destination in an unassisted and secure way, sharing aisles and elevators with people (workers, customers, residents, …).


The overall objective of the project is to obtain an automated solution for materials transportation on residences that will allow them to improve efficiency by transferring hours of transport to the people.


Residences for the elderly persons and people with disabilities. The improvement of the efficiency that this project brings is a milestone in a sector that has been especially affected by the crisis that we are living since 2007, and that has meant a strong reduction of the revenues coming from public administrations, that also have accumulated a large debt with each entity.


Increase efficiency and productivity, save costs, increase staff hours dedicated to direct care on detriment of the hours dedicated to tasks with no or little added value, improving the quality of service.