Our article, MuDERI: Multimodal Database for Emotion Recognition among Intellectually Disabled Individuals, was earlier accepted for publication and oral presentation at the Eight International Conference on Social Robotics (ICSR-2016). Our researcher, Jainendra Shukla delivered an oral presentation of the article at the conference which was held in Kansas City, USA from November 1st to 3rd, 2016. IRD gave a clear message that the Emotional Adaptive Behavior by the robot is the key to achieve an efficient cognitive stimulation among individuals struggling with a wide range of mental health concerns. The dataset MuDERI presented at the ICSR-2016 conference is the first ever annotated multimodal database among individuals with ID, that can fuel research on Emotional Adaptive Behavior of robots.

With the oral presentation at ICSR-2016, IRD attracted the focus of other researchers towards the challenges and opportunities that lies in this sector. It was a fruitful experience as IRD was able to network with prominent researchers from all around the globe and is now working eagerly to turn these encounters into a fruitful collaboration.