Integral and Intuitive Information and Management System for residences and guardianships

S3i is a software that manages in real time all the information around the resident, allowing the instant exploitation of data for a quick decision making. Generating, if necessary, alarms and warnings to professionals and families, keeping all personnel involved with a high level of preparation and motivation.

It has a version for guardianship organizations and their professionals, with strict compliance with the LOPD (personal protection data spanish law), manages analytical accounting, facilitating the digital file of tickets and invoices of each user and the control of the visits made.


The S3i is composed of 4 large areas: the library, the internal mail, the record and data exploitation area and the agenda.

It is a powerful solution for the exploitation of data and for obtaining automated management reports.

  • It centralizes the knowledge of the center and the user in a single point.
  • It is configurable for any type of incidents and alarms.
  • Usability: intuitive iconography throughout the application.
  • Certified secure solution. Designed for touch terminals, PCs and mobiles.

For resident users, their families and their guardians. Professionals and technicians of residences and external professionals. For guardianship organizations.


The Management and Information System S3i has been operating in several residences and guardianships for several years with excellent results. It has reduced management time, eliminating the use of paper, improving quality of service, improving internal communication, facilitating the production of valuable reports and statistics for both professionals and families.