Partnerships H2020

A technology partner for call participation in the EU funded programmes (Horizon 2020)

A short yet successful path

Created in 2015, in its short journey the IRD has signed partnerships with key players in the disability sector and leader robotics’ and technology companies and has published articles in international scientific journals, has presented papers at various conferences, has led the creation of several European H2020 consortias and has reached agreements with various European universities and research centers, gathering praise for the project among experts and scholars of the social care and technology sectors.

Networking and institutional collaboration

With the aim to exploit the synergies between different entities, to grow the knowledge and to spread the benefits of the developments created and driven by the IRD, it has sought the collaboration and knowledge of those entities with which the amount of effort multiplies the result. So, the IRD has signed agreements with Plena Inclusion, Dincat or Ecom in Spain, the Confederation of Family Organisations in the European Union (COFACE) in Europe, Spanish and worldwide universities, international research centers and robotics & artificial intelligence companies.

Leadership in the creation of international consortia

The Institute has led the creation of international consortia for participation in European Horizon 2020 calls for tenders.

Find below the calls in which we have taken part:

On April 12, 2016 we presented to the European Commission for the ICT-26-2016 call under the H2020 program, the project to research on improving the capabilities of social and cognitive interaction of robots applied to cognitive rehabilitation. In this project we participated together with Fundació EURECAT, Technische Universitaet Wien (Austria), De Montfort University, West London Mental Health Trust (United Kingdom) and INESC ID (Portugal).

We have sent a proposal for the SC1-PM- call 14-2016: EU-Japan cooperation in ICT Novel Robotics based solutions for active and healthy aging at home or in care facilities.

If you are looking for a partner or end users for your project, with prepared and adapted facilities and a high-end technology professionals, we're your team!