Smart Laundry, inclusive, ergonomic and environmentally friendly

Creation of inclusive jobs for people with disabilities

This project has become Laundry ID, an innovative solution aimed at creating rewarding, sustainable jobs for people with disabilities. Laundry ID guides the laundry worker in all steps of the process, adapting the work to people with intellectual disabilities, eliminating classification errors whilst creating new inclusive jobs for a vulnerable group with difficulties accessing the labour market.

The laundry has been adapted with an RFID system that identifies and distributes the linen solving the losses due to errors in the classification and distribution in residential services or care homes, where the dirty clothes of the residents are washed together. The system guides the worker in all steps of the process, adapting the work to people with disabilities creating new inclusive jobs for vulnerable group with difficulties on labor insertion.

Our fleet of transport robots will collect the dirty linen (DeliveryBot project) and distribute the cleaned one back (taking also care of the delivery of food and others) saving the time that the staff destines to these routine tasks so that it can be invested in the direct attention of people improving the quality of the service.

The product simplifies the task and guides the operator in the work of sorting and delivering the laundry. It is a complete system, comprising a work table, shelves, cuvettes, computer, reusable labels and RFID reader, label printer, machine for sticking them on clothes, transport robots and the system management software.

The quality of the service that users and families receive is improved, solving the losses of the clothes of each resident. It also reduces costs, by saving time on the process, allowing access to public aids to the employment of people with disabilities and reducing the hours allocated to routine transportation tasks.

  • Facilitate greater job inclusion through technology in fully adapted laundries.
  • Create an automated service using transport robots to collect dirty clothes and deliver clean clothes and other items.
  • Disseminate the existence of an ergonomic, eco friendly, adapted, low cost and inclusive laundry model at a national level.
Aimed at nursing homes, care centres for the elderly and residences for the disabled and children, public or private, the beneficiaries are both the disabled and the elderly, as well as their families and staff.

Creation of inclusive jobs, improvement of the quality of the service and reduction of costs of the laundry service. Homogenization of clothing labeling, always legible, minimizing the necessary manipulations of clothing, computer-aided classification, saving working hours for transport and reducing errors. Introduction of transport robots in environments where they collaborate with people with special needs and essay new methods of support to them while waiting for European regulations non existent today about that matter.

In collaboration with:

Catalunya Caixa (Grupo BBVA)
Extra Software
Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Fundació Ave Maria